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Water Master Plan

2022 Water Master Plan
2022 Water Master Plan Executive Summary

The WMP, totaling $191 million, sets the stage for system enhancements to ensure irrigation service reliability over the next 30 years by addressing aging infrastructure, implementing key modernization projects, and outlining financial strategies to pay for necessary upgrades. The plan and Capital Infrastructure Program identifies maintenance, rehabilitation and service improvement projects and priorities, including:

  • Improved level of service to meet evolving on-farm irrigation needs (flood conversion to sprinkler and drip/micro methods)
  • Regulation and recirculation reservoirs to reduce operational spills and equalize service
  • Automated flow control devices
  • Canyon Tunnel and other upstream water supply improvements
  • Variable rates of pipeline and canal replacement and/or rehabilitation
  • Trenchless pipeline rehabilitation program

The WMP will be reviewed at regular intervals to evaluate how strategies are being implemented and to update the plan for the next 30 years.