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Pressurized Irrigation Service

SSJID’s Irrigation Enhancement Project (IEP) has resulted in more efficient water use while providing area growers using micro, drip and sprinkler systems (pressure systems) with individualized, automated irrigation access through online and mobile technology. The unique system, servicing 3,800 acres of farmland near Ripon, was constructed over a three-year period. The project serves as an industry model for irrigation distribution.
“This pressurized system plays a critical role in better serving the individual needs of our growers while preserving our natural resources in an entirely new and efficient manner,” explained Forrest Killingsworth, Engineering Department manager. “The pressurized system enables sprinkler and drip system customers to irrigate on a more flexible schedule. Additionally, flood irrigators within the IEP area are able to receive volumes of water on a more reliable schedule.”

Water at the touch of an iPad: a new era in water conservation.

Previously, this region solely operated using a gravity-based system that relied on a network of irrigation ditches to deliver water. With the new system, irrigation water is distributed to customers through 19 miles of pressurized pipeline.

Customers in the service area are able to log in and schedule water deliveries based on current and past weather forecasts, previous water usage and historical evapotranspiration rates. Each farmer then selects from available delivery dates and later receives alerts via email and text message before and after delivery to confirm volume and flow rate data. Also supporting the system are moisture sensors placed in the ground on each grower’s property. They indicate optimal ordering times when almond and walnut trees are at their greatest need.

The system provides each parcel with water through solar-powered customer connections, including valves and meters. It also utilizes a seven-acre basin for water storage and use.
SSJID Division 9 East Basin